Friday, November 14, 2008

Say Goodbye To Paying For Television

Are you as sick and tired of your cable bill as I am? I know that I am happy to no longer be paying $50 just for basic channels (that's right, no HBO or Showtime or Starz included in that) every single month.

Maybe you have satellite television like my parents and receive a monthly bill that is closer to, or even over $100 per month?!

I am glad to be cable free and my parents sure won't miss $100 a month bills. No more paying ridiculous prices just to receive television that I don't even get that much time to watch.

The other day I had another realization... it has been quite some time now that I have gone without having to talk to someone from the cable company that I could not understand because it was just some low paid worker from another country who couldn't answer my questions because the cable company didn't even do me the courtesy of having someone to help me with my problem that was trained. I just got some normal guy who I almost feel sorry for because he must get paid pennies just to be yelled at over the phone all day by angry cable customers while the cable company was hoarding the millions it made off of naivete people just like me.

My ex-cable company and many other companies like them seem to love to collect their monthly payments. I can just imagine a big fat rich guy sitting in a corner office of a tall building paid for with my money, just staring out his window at the rest of us, laughing as he sips his $1000 bourbon because he knows that his company is making millions every month from poor fools like I was a few months ago. We pay his company money and they give us crappy service and outsourced untrained support.

The cable company doesn't care about me or you. It is time to take a stand for yourself and for your pocketbook. Don't let Mr Cable Exec laugh at you. Instead, make him cry over not having your monthly donation to his private Carribean island fund. The time to stop letting the Cable companies and Satellite TV companies stick it to you. You do have a choice, a better choice.

Say NO to ever increasing cable and satellite prices and say "YES!" to a new choice. Don't let another day go by without trying out another option. Stop settling for monthly bills and poor service from a company that doesn't care about you and only wants your money!

You owe it to yourself to find out how you can get the television you want without the monthly bills and dealing with a company that ignores you unless you owe it money and wants to collect. Give yourself the chance you deserve by accepting a risk free satisfaction guaranteed chance to be happy and free from the monthly grip of the cable and satellite companies. Find out now how you can set yourself free and give yourself what you deserve, all while saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Trust me when I say that this opportunity is one that you should at least try.

Give it a shot- You have nothing to lose if it doesn't work for you. Have faith though. After all, more than 100,000 other happy people are enjoying not being locked in the icy grip of a satellite or cable company. Find out now how you can enjoy thousands of television stations risk free!

**Remember**: If you aren't happy, you don't lose a dime. Ask a cable company or satellite company for a chance like that. Chances are, they won't be nice enough to give you a month or two of trying their product. It is a safe assumption that they would require you to sign up for at least a year, locking you into their service. Make the right choice for you. Make the choice that lets you tell your cable or satellite company where they can shove their monthly bills!